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Now, the Smart Money Concepts Trading Strategy is a simple trading strategy that uses basic trading concepts such as supply and demand, support and resistance techniques, etc, to analyze trade entry and exit positions. Some of the basic terms used in smart money concepts trading strategy include the following:

  • Break of Structure (BOS)
  • Change of Character (CHOCH)
  • Area of Interest
  • Liquidity Grabs
  • Order Blocks
  • Fair Value Gap

Now that we have mentioned some of the basic concepts in our smart money concept pdf guide, we will be explaining everyone of them.

Basic Smart Money Concepts Guide

Break of Structure:

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Firstly, let’s talk about BOS or Break of Structure. In an uptrend market, price will look like what is shown in the diagram above. You’ll have your higher highs and higher lows every time price breaks through a new high. This is what we call a bullish break of structure or BOS. So looking at the diagram above, we have a break of structure in the areas marked with a red arrow.

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Still looking at the diagram above, after the first break of structure, we can still find other BOS as indicated with the red arrows in the diagram above. This means whenever price breaks the previous high, it forms a new Break of Structure.


As we all know, price cannot continue moving in one direction forever, at some point in time, price will eventually lose momentum and start reversing in the other direction and for this reversal to be valid, price has to break the previous higher low or the last higher low in the case of an uptrend market.


Change of Character (CHOCH)

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So this is the previous high low, and price has to break below it for it to be valid. Once this move has happened, this is what we call the Change of Character (CHOCH), as indicated in the diagram above.

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To read up the whole article on smart money concept pdf guide, you can download the smart money concept trading pdf file by clicking the download button below, we were able to properly explain all the concepts and went a step further by showing practical illustrations of how you can apply the above concepts when trading using the smart money concept strategy.





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Trading generally requires a lot of techniques, experience, and expertise, as several factors lead to successful trades. These factors range from technical analysis to the market fundamentals to traders’ sentiments and economic conditions.

Most traders are, therefore, overwhelmed on many occasions while trading the market that they fail to cope with the market noise as they are unable to filter this noise out but rather get carried away by the endless buzzing sounds of charts, price movements, and so on that they end up losing themselves first before losing their equity.


This is one of the major reasons we give in-depth articles here on Dipprofit to help guide traders on their journey and provide them with as much information and knowledge as they need to make their trading journey easier, more focused, and more successful.

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You can also read the full article by clicking this link Here.

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