Crypto Jobs: Senior Golang Engineer

Job Type: Remote.

Status: Full Time.

Organization: Offchain Labs

Location: Worldwide

Role: Senior Golang Engineer.


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About Offchain Labs

At Offchain Labs, we are in the process of constructing a platform that will fully unleash the potential of smart contracts, making them private, cost-effective, and developer-friendly. Our operational prototype, Arbitrum, operates atop Ethereum and seamlessly interacts with native Ethereum contracts and tokens. We simplify the development of smart contracts on a large scale, ensuring production-level security. Our suite of developer tools efficiently introduces a flexible second layer to decentralized application architecture, allowing our clients to concentrate on business logic and user experience.

Following our initial funding round of $3.8M in seed funding in January 2019 and a subsequent $20M series A in April 2021, we are now prepared to recruit several Senior Software Engineers who possess an interest in the blockchain domain and an aptitude for tackling problems using innovative approaches.


Job Description:

Offchain Labs is actively crafting a range of scaling solutions for Ethereum, including Arbitrum, an Optimistic Rollup technology that instantaneously scales applications, reducing expenses and expanding capacity, all while preserving Ethereum’s security. Migrating contracts to Arbitrum entails no alterations to code or downloads, as it remains compatible with existing Ethereum developer languages and tools. Our team is incredibly dedicated, striving to bridge the divide between what blockchain currently represents and its boundless potential. We foster an environment that promotes innovation and novel concepts through collaboration, research, and in-depth discussions. Having successfully secured initial seed funding of $3.8M in January 2019, followed by a $20M series A and a remarkable $100M series B in 2021, we are now seeking to add more team members who share our enthusiasm for the blockchain sector and a proclivity for unconventional problem-solving.


Who You Are:

You possess extensive hands-on experience with Golang. You are eager to delve into the realm of blockchain technology (Lack of experience is not a barrier). A strong sense of ownership drives you to continuously seek improved and accelerated approaches in your work. You stay abreast of the latest technological developments. You perpetually explore new and innovative avenues to tackle intricate problems through thorough experimentation. Your communication style is transparent, open, and direct, and you actively collaborate closely with your colleagues. You are receptive to feedback, new concepts, and opportunities for self-enhancement. You actively seek ways to contribute beyond your routine responsibilities.


What You’ve Accomplished:

You have made substantial contributions to the products you’ve engaged with throughout your career. You have either explored, self-educated in, or have experience working with blockchain technology. You are enthusiastic about translating cutting-edge research into real-world applications and aiding in the creation of a platform for the next generation of cryptocurrency applications. You have experience working with compilers, architecting systems, and developing software development kits (SDKs). You prioritize security and consistently scrutinize your code for potential threats and vulnerabilities. You have mastered the fundamentals of computer science, either through formal university education or self-guided learning.

We acknowledge that addressing the challenges of developing and advancing Arbitrum demands a diverse team of highly intelligent, passionate, curious, and innovative individuals. Our dynamic team brings a wealth of unique perspectives, just as we believe you do, and we take immense pride in fostering an equal opportunity workplace.



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