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Before delving into swing trading strategy, it is important to properly understand what swing trading is in general terms and then also understand the relationship between swing trading and swing trading strategy. swing trading strategy pdf, swing trading strategy, swing trading

Therefore, Swing trading is a way of trading in financial markets where traders try to catch short to medium-term price changes, called “swings,” in stocks, currencies, or other assets. Unlike long-term investors who keep investments for a long time or day traders who make many trades in one day, swing traders usually keep positions for a few days to a few weeks, and sometimes even a month.

Now you understand what swing trading is, let’s get to understand how swing trading relates to swing trading strategy.

Swing trading strategy is the strategy applied by swing traders for swing trading activities and this strategy involves analyzing longer timeframes to spot trading chances and market trends over a relatively short or long period. Typically, swing trading covers periods ranging from a day to a week, and occasionally, it can extend up to a month in extreme situations.

There are several swing trading strategies that various swing traders make use of and at the same time, if you are a novice trader, beginner trader or a struggling trader, there are also some basic rules and insights needed for you to become a successful swing trader. In this swing trading strategy pdf guide, I will be breaking everything down for you in simpler terms making it easy to understand.

I have also included a well-illustrated and explanatory swing trading strategy that has a great profitability rate in this swing trading pdf guide that will help you get started properly on your swing trading journey. You can click the download button below the on-page PDF viewer to download the full article and you can also read the full article online here on the website by clicking here.  

How to Start Swing Trading

Swing trading has to do with finding short to medium-price movement opportunities, and analyzing and speculating their medium-term direction before eventually taking your trade position. This means that if you decide to start using the swing trading strategy as a trader, you will need to do the following:

Practice Patience: Wait for the Right Setup

Successful swing trading requires patience. Wait for the market to align with your predefined criteria before entering a trade. Avoid the temptation to chase trades impulsively.

Define Your Risk Tolerance and Goals: Set Clear Parameters

Establish how much capital you’re willing to risk on each trade and determine your financial goals. This step helps you set realistic expectations and prevents emotional decision-making during trades.

Understand Technical Analysis: Charting Matters

Technical analysis is at the heart of swing trading. Learn to read price charts, identify trends, and recognize key chart patterns. Familiarize yourself with technical indicators such as moving averages, Relative Strength Index (RSI), and Bollinger Bands. As we go on in the article, I will also be mentioning some of the key components needed in a swing trading strategy.

Select a Watchlist: Focus on a Few Instruments

Avoid information overload by narrowing down your watchlist to a manageable number of stocks or other assets. Concentrate on instruments you understand well, and monitor them closely for potential swing trade opportunities. This will help you easily identify swing trading opportunities each time they appear in these chosen instruments.

Develop a Trading Plan: Your Roadmap to Success

Craft a detailed trading plan outlining your entry and exit strategies, risk management approach, and criteria for selecting trades. Having a plan in place enhances discipline and helps you stay focused during market fluctuations. This is not only for swing trading but every other strategy. As the saying goes if you fail to plan then you are already planning to fail.

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The Best Swing Trading Strategy to Use in 2024

Swing trading strategies involve trades that unfold over a longer period, offering more time for development but requiring less intensive management and monitoring, which reduces stress and simplifies decision-making. As previously mentioned, I’ll guide you through a swing trading strategy that has consistently delivered successful trades, suitable for both beginners and seasoned traders.

Wondering which markets this strategy applies to? You can implement it in various markets including forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and commodities, making it versatile and applicable across different asset classes.

It’s worth noting again that while swing trading offers fewer opportunities compared to day trading, it often leads to higher win rates when executed with well-thought-out trading plans. Now, let’s delve into the strategy. I’ll walk you through the process step by step, enabling you to transition from a novice to a proficient swing trader effortlessly. Just like in my previous articles, I’ll explain this strategy in the simplest way possible for easy understanding.

swing trading strategy, swing trading, dipprofit.com

Looking at the diagram above you can see an uptrend movement as the price is pushing up aggressively out of here, out of here, and out of here.

swing trading strategy, swing trading, dipprofit.com

Now looking at the diagram above you can see that each of these pushups creates a new demand zone and each of these demand zones are our point of interest. Now before I continue the swing trading strategy I will be using is based on the supply and demand zone strategy also. In case you haven’t read my article on supply and demand zone trading strategy, I will advise you to read it now, it will help to better understand this swing trading strategy.

swing trading strategy, swing trading, dipprofit.com

Back to the strategy what we want to see or what we should always look at for as illustrated in the above diagram is for the price to come back down to that demand zone right here making it a good trade opportunity.

swing trading strategy, swing trading, dipprofit.com

Looking at the diagram above, you should know that the reason it’s good to take trades out of the area circled in the above diagram is because there are a lot of buyers in these areas. That’s why we had these huge pushes up. So those are the areas we set on our chart, and that’s where we trade from.

swing trading strategy, swing trading, dipprofit.com

The same rule also applies in a downtrend right here. In the diagram above, we can see a downtrend movement, which means we’re to look for sell trades. Looking at the diagram you can see major bearish movements on 3 different occasions showing that the bears or sellers are in charge of the market and are moving forcing the market down with good volume.

swing trading strategy, swing trading, dipprofit.com

As shown in the diagram above there are a lot of sellers in those areas creating supply zones in each one of these areas. Now we want the price to come back to the supply zones highlighted in the diagram above. We want the price to come back to the area circled in the diagram as that will be a good area for us to place our trade because there are a lot of sellers there or the selling pressure is extremely high at that zone.

At this point, I believe that you already have an idea of how the strategy works. Now let’s look at real live trading examples. 

Just as I mentioned earlier in the article, you should understand that swing trading involves the use of higher timeframes. So the first thing we are doing is setting the time frame to 4 hours, this will help us identify the trend easily.

Diagram 7

Looking at the diagram above using the 4 hours timeframe we can see that And you can see here we are clearly in a downtrend. We’ve been in a downtrend for a very, very long time.

swing trading strategy, swing trading, dipprofit.com

So the next thing we do is to identify our supply zone on the 4-hour timeframe. Looking at the diagram above,  You can see we have a huge push down out of this area/zone highlighted on the diagram, it can be confirmed by the huge bearish candlesticks that are formed from the zone telling us there are a lot of sellers right here sitting at this supply zone.

swing trading strategy, swing trading, dipprofit.com

The next step is to set the supply zone off of the green candle before the massive bearish candle as indicated in the diagram above with the yellow circle. That’s how I do it and that’s how to draw my supply zone.

swing trading strategy, swing trading, dipprofit.com

Then If it was a demand zone, we would be setting it off this red candle highlighted in the diagram above before the green candle up, this is because we’re in a downtrend and our point of entry needs to be supply zones.

swing trading strategy, swing trading, dipprofit.com

The next step after getting our 4-hour supply zone, is to come down to the 1-hour time frame. In the 1 hour time frame, it’s easier to get a better entry on the trade. Once again looking at the diagram above you can see that the price has started to push up and is about to get to the supply zone we got on the 4-hour timeframe. So at that point, it is time to place our trade.

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