Top 5 Web3 Marketing Agencies in 2024

Tired of the endless parade of empty promises and overhyped jargon?

The truth is, web3 isn’t a magic bullet. It’s a revolution built on genuine connection, empowered communities, and audacious belief.

In this brave new world, you need more than just marketing agencies; you need partners who understand the soul of Web3.



Forget about “engagement strategies” and “influencer partnerships.” Forget polished presentations and cookie-cutter strategies.

In this space, empathy, community building, and genuine storytelling are your weapons. You need web3 marketing agencies that can understand the diverse tribes inhabiting the Web3 landscape, who speak their language, and who can translate your brand’s message into something that resonates deep within their hearts.

Ready to ditch the hype and embrace the real potential of Web3? Buckle up, because we’re about to meet the web3 marketing agencies who will fuel your brand’s journey toward a future built on belief, not keywords.



Top 5 Web3 Marketing Agencies in 2024

Here is a full curated list of the top 5 web3 marketing agencies in 2024:

  • NeoReach
  • Coldchain
  • Blockwiz
  • Coinbound
  • GuerillaBuzz



neoreach web3 marketing homepage

neoreach web3 marketing homepage

NeoReach is a Web3 marketing agency that offers customized and data-driven marketing campaigns for decentralized projects, teams, and objectives.NeoReach was founded in 2014 by Jesse Leimgruber, who is the CEO of the company. He came up with the idea of a digital marketing platform that connects social media influencers with brands directly, while he was a student at Stanford University.

He pitched his idea to his classmates, professors, and some venture capitalists, and was accepted into Stanford’s accelerator program. He later dropped out of college to focus on his business and raised $3.2 million in seed funding

In 2021, recognizing the potential of Web3, they expanded their expertise and services to cater specifically to crypto, blockchain, and NFT projects.

NeoReach works with experienced Web3 marketers who have a deep understanding of blockchain technologies and audiences, such as protocols, dApps, exchanges, and NFTs.

NeoReach also provides end-to-end marketing services, such as creative strategy, influencer activation, paid media, social media management, experiential activations, and more. NeoReach has partnered with some of the leading brands and projects in the crypto space, such as NVIDIA, A&E, Just Play, and Haru Invest.

Overall, NeoReach stands as a strong contender in the Web3 marketing landscape. Their comprehensive services, experienced team, and extensive influencer network make them a valuable partner for projects seeking to navigate the complexities of Web3.



coldchain web3 marketing website

coldchain web3 marketing website

ColdChain Agency is a web3 marketing agency that specializes in Web3, blockchain, and crypto projects. They offer a range of services, such as Web3 digital marketing strategy, ecosystem marketing, Web3 SEO, Web3 analytics and tracking, Web3 email marketing and CRM, developer relations and marketing, market analysis and intelligence, and Web3 marketing launchpad.

According to their website, they have worked with some of the world’s leading Web3 projects, brands, and ecosystems, such as Binance, Aventus, and Vere NFT.

They act as trusted advisors and partners, offering comprehensive navigational tools for businesses venturing into this landscape. Their range of services isn’t merely a list, but a strategic toolkit designed to unlock growth and engagement.

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blockwiz web3 marketing homepage

blockwiz web3 marketing homepage

Founded in 2018, Blockwiz began as a marketing agency focused on the cryptocurrency space. Recognizing the potential of Web3, they pivoted their focus in 2020 to become a dedicated Web3 marketing agency, offering services to crypto, blockchain, and NFT projects.

Blockwiz is led by Vishal Vyas, a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in digital marketing and blockchain technology. He actively steers the agency’s vision and growth within the Web3 sphere.

While specific client numbers are not publicly available, Blockwiz claims to have:

    • Worked with over 350+ crypto brands
    • Completed over 1500+ marketing campaigns across 3 continents
    • Garnered 100M+ influencer views and 15M+ community impressions
    • Secured coverage in renowned crypto media outlets like Coindesk, The Cointelegraph, and Bitcoin.comAs a web3 marketing agency, Blockwiz offers a range of Web3 marketing services, categorized into three main areas: Growth Marketing, NFT Marketing, and Token Marketing.

Want to find out more about their services? Visit BlockWiz

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coinbound web3 marketing website

coinbound web3 marketing website

Coinbound is a web3 marketing agency that specializes in Web3, blockchain, and crypto projects. The agency is led by Adam Levin, a veteran entrepreneur with extensive experience in marketing and media. His passion for Web3 and strong leadership have contributed to the agency’s success.

Founded in 2018, Coinbound established itself as one of the first and most respected Web3 marketing agencies. With over 750 clients served, they boast a rich history of helping blockchain and crypto brands expand their online presence.

They offer services dedicated to improving the web3 landscape such as Influencer Marketing, PR & Earned Media, SEO, Crypto Link Building, PPC & Paid Ads, Lead Gen, Exchange Listing Services, Community Management, and Social Media Management.

Coinbound has been in the web3 marketing industry for a long time and has built a custom suite of tailor-made crypto advertising solutions and made them available to all their clients.

Want to find out more about their services? Visit their website at Coinbound




guerilla buzz web3 marketing homepage

guerilla buzz web3 marketing homepage

GuerillaBuzz is a digital marketing agency that was established in 2017, since then it has carved a niche in the web3 marketing world, focusing on unconventional and bold strategies.

According to their website, they offer various services such as Blockchain PR, Web3 PR, Blockchain Marketing, Crypto SEO, and NFT Marketing to their clients. They also offer specific web3 marketing services in Public Relations, Content Marketing, SEO, Community Growth, Branding, etc

If you’re looking for a marketing agency that will push boundaries and try innovative strategies to get your project noticed, GuerillaBuzz excels in this area. Their focus on PR stunts and events can generate significant buzz and attention.

Visit their website at GuerillaBuzz

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Final Words

The Web3 marketing landscape is still evolving, and there’s no “one size fits all” solution. Choosing the right agency depends heavily on your project’s unique needs and goals.

While searching for the best partners to your project, make sure to ensure that you follow the protocols listed below:

  • Beware of agencies making exaggerated claims or promising guaranteed results. The Web3 space is dynamic, and success hinges on multiple factors beyond marketing alone.
  • Don’t just focus on agency size or reputation. Smaller, nimble agencies can sometimes offer more personalized attention and innovative approaches.
    Transparency and clear communication are key.
  • Ask pointed questions about the agency’s team, experience, methodology, and pricing structure.
  • Look for agencies with a proven track record in your specific industry or project type. Case studies and client testimonials can offer valuable insights.



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