13 Examples of Web3 Websites: Copy These Designs Now!


What are Web3 Websites and How Do They Differ from Web2 Websites?

Web3 websites are websites that are built and hosted on decentralized networks, such as blockchain, IPFS, or Skynet. They use Web3 domains, such as .crypto or .eth, to link to crypto wallets and enable peer-to-peer transactions.

In simplicity, web3 websites are different from web2 websites, in the sense that they are built and hosted on centralized servers and use traditional domains, such as .com or .net, to link to web addresses and enable client-server interactions.

Some of the main differences between Web3 and Web2 websites are:

• Data ownership: Web3 websites give users full control and ownership of their data, without relying on third-party platforms or intermediaries. Web2 websites store and monetize users’ data on centralized servers, often without users’ consent or knowledge.

• Security and privacy: Web3 websites are more secure and private, as they use encryption and verification mechanisms to protect data from tampering or hacking. Web2 websites are more vulnerable and exposed, as they use passwords and cookies to authenticate users and track their online behavior.

• Innovation and creativity: Web3 websites are more innovative and creative, as they allow users to create and share their own content, value, and identity across various Web3 applications and services. Web2 websites are more restrictive and standardized, as they limit users’ choices and options to the ones provided by the platform owners.

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The Best Examples of Web3 Websites in Different Categories and Industries


  • FinTech

  1. DyDx (dydx.exchange)

    dydx web3 website

    dydx web3 website

    A decentralized derivatives exchange built on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to leverage trade cryptocurrencies with margin, offering features like perpetual contracts and limit orders. DyDx boasts high liquidity and competitive fees, making it a popular choice for experienced crypto traders.

  2. MakerDAO (makerdao.com)

    makerdao web3 website

    makerdao web3 website

    A decentralized lending platform with its own stablecoin, Dai. Users can deposit cryptocurrencies as collateral to borrow Dai, a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. MakerDAO is known for its innovative risk management system and its active community governance.

  3.  Glow Wallet
    glow wallet web3 website

    glow wallet web3 website

    Glow Wallet is a web3 wallet specifically designed for the Solana blockchain. Like any good crypto wallet, you can store and manage your SOL tokens and other Solana-based cryptocurrencies, it lets you hold your digital assets securely.
    Designed for beginners and experienced users alike, Glow provides a user-friendly interface for interacting with the Solana ecosystem.User Interface Experience:
    Clean and modern: Glow Wallet boasts a minimalist and aesthetically pleasing interface with intuitive navigation.
    Mobile-first approach: The primary focus seems to be the mobile app, evident in the streamlined layout and touch-friendly elements.
    Accessibility: Highlighting essential features and minimizing clutter promotes ease of use.


  • Education 
    1. Web3 University – Web3 University is a Web3 website that offers online courses and certifications on various topics related to Web3. The UI and UX of Web3 University’s website are designed to reflect the web3 vision and values, while also providing a smooth and engaging learning experience.
      web3 university web3 website

      web3 university web3 website

      Key UI Elements:Navigation bar: Simple and intuitive, offering quick access to main sections like “Search Articles,” “Tutorials,” and “Community.”
      Search bar: Easily find specific courses, resources, or content on the website.
      Hero section: Synchronizes visuals and messages dynamically, highlighting ongoing programs with abstract colors and key features.

      View the homepage here: Web3 University

    2. BitDegree – This is an online learning platform focusing on digital and IT skills, particularly those relevant to the Web3 and blockchain space. It offers free and paid courses, learning pathways, gamified elements, and scholarships to connect learners with potential employers through its platform.
      bitdegree web3 website

      bitdegree web3 website

      Visit the BitDegree homepage here: BitDegree

    3. SpeedRunEthereum – SpeedRunEthereum presents an immersive curriculum designed to equip you with the skills to proficiently write smart contracts and develop applications on the Ethereum blockchain.
      speedrunethereum web3 website

      speedrunethereum web3 website

      Through the program, you will gain comprehensive knowledge on identifying the most suitable use cases for blockchain technology and mastering the art of implementation.

      Visit the SpeedRunEthereum website here: SpeedRunEthereum


  • Healthcare
    1. AiGIA Health –
      AiGIA Health web3 website

      AiGIA Health web3 website

      AiGIA Health is a web3 health data platform focused on prevention and empowering individuals to take control of their health data. They combine medical expertise with advanced technology, including blockchain, NFTs, and artificial intelligence, to create a platform that gives patients back control of their health records and places them at the center of the healthcare ecosystem.Its homepage is a little bit similar to the previous templates used before web3 identifying features such as the placement of the navigation buttons at the top right-hand corner.

      But the major difference of this web3 website is the sumptuous animation playing on the background of the homepage that showcases the elements of a futuristic web3-powered healthcare economy and its thriving benefits.

      Visit their homepage: AiGIA Health


  • Gaming 
    1. Azuki – Azuki is one of the most popular NFT projects focused on building a unique brand identity in the metaverse through a community-driven approach. The collection features 10,000 unique Azuki avatars, each granting access to “The Garden.”
      azuki web3 website

      azuki web3 website

      A quick look at the web3 website shows the unique personalities and ideas of its creators. On its website, it features a combination of elements that showcase a dynamic scene featuring several Azuki characters, often highlighting new collaborations or events.

      Adorable Beanz companions are also introduced, each with unique traits and acquisition methods, while the interactive gallery lets you explore the diverse Azuki avatars in intricate detail.

      Check it out:  Azuki

    2. Alien Worlds – The Alien Worlds homepage blasts you off into a vibrant, starry expanse, instantly immersing you in the intergalactic adventure. A prominent call to action invites you to “Start Exploring,” while the navigation bar guides you to key destinations like “Play” and “Metaverse.
      alien worlds web3 website

      alien worlds web3 website

       The UI of this web3 website emphasizes a spacefaring theme, utilizing a combination of futuristic elements and organic shapes. It specifically makes use of deep space blues, purples, and blacks to evoke the vastness and mystery of the cosmos.

      Overall, the Alien Worlds UI and color palette create an immersive experience for gamers, reflecting the project’s intergalactic theme and gameplay mechanics.

      Visit their website: Alien Worlds


    3. Sandbox- Landing on The Sandbox game homepage is like stepping into a playground of boundless creativity. A dynamic banner erupts with user-crafted scenes, instantly igniting your imagination.
      sandbox web3 website

      sandbox web3 website

      The clear message: “Play together, create anything, own virtual LAND,” sets the stage for a “one-of-a-kind” experience. A light blue serves as the foundation, evoking feelings of openness with pops of bright orange scattered around the screen.

      As a web3 gaming website, the blue palette evokes the digital world, while the greens and yellows subtly nod to the game’s voxel art style and potential for building and creation.

  • NFT Projects

    1. Mekaverse – The Mekaverse is a popular NFT (Non-Fungible Token) project featuring 8,888 algorithmically generated robot warriors called Mekas. Inspired by classic mecha anime, these unique digital assets provide access to an exclusive online community space of creators
      mekaverse web3 website

      mekaverse web3 website

      Stepping foot into a carefully layered web3 website, the first element that captures your eyes is the world map depicting the mekaverse and showing the most popular sites on the map.

      The “Garden” section then becomes your gateway to this exclusive club. Interactive visuals and clear explanations detail the benefits of membership, activities like streetwear drops and live events, and even how to participate in shaping the project’s future through voting.

      Take a look: Mekaverse

    2. HAPE PRIME – Hape Prime is an NFT collection consisting of 8,192 unique 3D ape avatars designed to unite the “HAPE multiverse.” It goes beyond being simply a static collection by offering its holders various access and benefits within their ecosystem.
      hape web3 website

      hape web3 website

      Hape Prime understands that web3 isn’t just a trendy term but a way of building a community-driven experience. Their commitment to this echoes in every detail of their website, starting with the homepage.

      Instead of the usual static image, imagine landing on the Hape Prime homepage and encountering a dynamic 3D scene. It’s not just any scene; it’s a fashion show featuring an ape avatar, meticulously clad in stylish apparel. This isn’t mere window dressing; it’s a powerful metaphor.

      This web3 website carefully places all the elements of a new internet in its ordeal making sure it ensures it resonates not just with the mind, but with the senses and emotions.

      Check them out: HAPE PRIME

    3. Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) – is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs (non-fungible tokens) featuring cartoon ape avatars with various traits and characteristics.
      Bayc web3 website

      Bayc web3 website

      Launched in April 2021, it has become one of the most prominent and influential NFT projects, boasting significant cultural and financial value.

      As a new visitor to its official website, you are greeted with a welcome into a visionary pub where all major characters in the Yuga Labs ecosystem come to hang out.

      Next, you can pull up a stool next to a pixelated CryptoPunk sporting a Bored Ape snapback, or grab a drink with a Meebit rocking a custom Otherside bandana.

      This isn’t just a web3 website; it’s a bustling social hub, a microcosm of the diverse and thriving Yuga Labs community, welcoming you to explore, connect, and become part of the story.

      Take a look: Bored Ape Yacht Club

As web3 designs move beyond static pages and embrace dynamic experiences, the lines between websites and immersive worlds blur. Gone are the days of simply clicking through menus; instead, we find ourselves transported to vibrant spaces that engage our senses and emotions.

these web3 websites aren’t just showcases, they’re portals to communities and experiences. They invite us to become more than passive consumers, inviting us to participate, co-create, and shape the future of these virtual landscapes.

But with this evolution comes a crucial question: are these web3 websites merely stepping stones towards something grander, or are they destined to become the destinations themselves?

Will they remain focused on fostering community and engagement within their own carefully crafted ecosystems, or will they eventually interweave, forming a vast, interconnected metaverse where users seamlessly roam between diverse digital experiences?

The answer, perhaps, lies not in the designs themselves, but in the communities they cultivate



Only time will tell. But one thing is certain: the evolution of web3 design is far from over. As technologies mature and user expectations shift, these websites will continue to morph and adapt, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible online.

And we, the users, play a crucial role in shaping this future.

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