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MINT DATE:    OCT 5 2023 – OCT 12 2023

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RetroDoges Description

Retrodoges is a compilation of 6969 PFPs (Profile Picture NFTs) residing on the Ethereum blockchain, led by FeistyDao and Cryptopathic.

The Retrodoge collection features a vast array of unique doge images, all embodying the distinct aesthetic of the 80s and early 90s, paying homage to the FeistyDoge.

The concept behind this NFT collection was to unite the community by blending art and functionality in a creative manner. Central to this endeavor was the renowned Kabosu NFT, known as the Feisty Doge.

An artist affiliated with FeistyDAO conceived the idea of reimagining the Feisty Doge according to their own artistic vision, guided by three core principles: I. Adorableness II. Time-Blurring Elements III. Practicality



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