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MINT DATE:    Oct 7 – Nov 13 2023

Project Details:

  • Public Sale Price: Free Mint
  • Collection Count: 233 Items
  • Category: Collectible



Project Links:

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Introduction to BoringPunks

Meet BoringPunks, a collection of 10,000 unique and somewhat unexciting characters paying homage to the iconic CryptoPunks. These unassuming yet distinctive non-fungible tokens have earned a special place in the world of digital collectibles.

What Are BoringPunks?

BoringPunks are a series of 2D art images, each meticulously generated to mirror the famous CryptoPunks on a one-to-one basis. Crafted with 117 carefully designed traits, they bring a fresh and unconventional twist to the NFT classics. While the majority of these characters exude a punk-like appearance, you’ll also come across some more uncommon varieties, including Apes, Zombies, and even the occasional extraterrestrial being.

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