Bored Ape Pixel Club

NFT Drops Calendar

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Project Details:
Presale Price: 5 ETH
Public Sale Price: 5 ETH 
Collection Count: 8000 Items

Traits Count: 154
Category: Collectible 
Presale Date: October 5 2023


Project Links: Twitter: Link; Discord: Link; Website: Link; Marketplace: Link


Bored Ape Pixel Club Description

The creation of these NFTs involved meticulous craftsmanship to encapsulate the spirit of the Bored Ape Pixel Club universe, promising an immersive experience for collectors. Our efforts to strengthen the community, raise awareness about the project, and implement an effective marketing strategy include the development of a website and a presence on social media platforms. These initiatives aim to solidify our presence in the NFT community and draw the attention of potential investors.

The show’s core themes of decentralization, entrepreneurship, and individual autonomy resonate with the values of the Web3 community, reflecting the fundamental principles of blockchain technology.


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