Web3 Jobs: Engineering Manager

Web3 Jobs: Engineering Manager

Job Type: Remote.

Status: Full Time.

Organization: Cere Network

Location: Worldwide

Role: Engineering Manager


About Cere Network

Since its inception in 2019, the Cere team has anticipated the challenges present in existing systems, especially with the rapid advancements of AI and the surge in data. Addressing data fragmentation caused by multiple vendors, Cere presents itself as an objective, open-source solution with a clear vision: All data should be decentralized.

Backed by world-renowned institutions and projects such as Binance Labs, Republic Labs, and Polygon, Cere is a force in the blockchain space. Visit www.cere.network for more information.


Our Ethos at Cere

At Cere, we’re not merely hiring for roles; we’re seeking a specific blend of qualities. We value individuals thriving in our fast-paced environment, embracing methodical, simulation-driven development and a first-principle thinking approach.

Our team embodies high standards, discipline, and a growth mindset that fuels ongoing learning and process refinement. Exceptional written communication is crucial, as we rely on tools like Notion, Slack, and Wiki for organized, transparent collaboration.

We prioritize autonomy and goal orientation, fostering a culture of accountability and transparency. Our ecosystem thrives on supportive, challenge-driven teamwork, a driving force behind Cere’s rapid innovation.

Individuals with character, high standards, and the ability to build and optimize efficient habits align with our team. Our team dynamics underscore a growth mindset and commitment to collective success as we aim to nurture a larger ecosystem of collaboration and progress.



If you’ve envisioned yourself on the cutting edge of AI and Web3 innovation, Cere provides an opportunity to turn that vision into reality.

Cere, a pioneering Web3 data infrastructure scale-up, is in search of individuals not just seeking a job but desiring to be challenged in an exciting venture.


Role Overview: Engineering Manager at Cere

  • As an Engineering Manager at Cere, you will lead and nurture our Engineering team into a world-class innovation team.
  • Ideal candidates are proven innovation drivers passionate about delivering rapid, robust solutions while cultivating the best team and culture for the long haul.
  • This role, integral to the leadership team, emphasizes collaborative teamwork with cross-functional stakeholders in product, business, and operations.
  • Additionally, the role involves contributing significantly to the innovations we are leading. If you enjoy identifying, proposing, and executing solutions, you’ll thrive in this position.
  • This role demands a proven track record of building strong teams and impactful solutions at scale.
  • Exceptional communication and collaborative skills, a strong growth-oriented thesis for development teams, and expertise in architecting scalable, extensible, and robust software solutions are prerequisites.
  • This role requires a hands-on approach to problem-solving, providing accurate feedback to the team, and occasionally diving into execution.



  • 3+ years of engineering leadership experience in venture-backed or 50+ people technology companies.
  • 5+ years of hands-on experience architecting/developing highly distributed and/or high-throughput solutions at scale.
  • A passion for hands-on involvement while effectively managing people. Proven ability to empower and develop team members.
  • Extended experience with managing remote teams is beneficial.
  • A strong track record of effective collaboration with other senior leaders to deliver high-quality products.
  • Understanding that growing and engaging your team is a high ROI activity, balanced with executing your areas of ownership.
  • Experience in web3, AdTech, and Gaming is a plus.


Join Our Multinational, High-Performance Team

Join a highly talented multicultural team based worldwide, embracing remote work while also organizing in-person meetings every 1-2 months. Our ethos revolves around autonomy, flexibility, transparency, and accountability/ownership.



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