Tech Jobs: Quantitative Researcher GT

Tech Jobs: Quantitative Researcher GT

Job Type: Remote.

Status: Full Time.

Organization: snowforkhub

Location: Worldwide


Role: Quantitative Researcher GT

Salary: $150k – $180k


About Us

At our organization, we serve as DeFi’s risk managers, overseeing capital efficiency while ensuring the economic safety of some of the largest crypto protocols through our simulations. We actively manage risk and incentives for a portfolio exceeding $40 billion in assets.

Our commitment to pioneering research has positioned us as the most frequently cited source of peer-reviewed articles within the DeFi sector. As a Series B company, we boast a team of approximately 60 employees who embrace a remote-first approach, with our main hub located in New York City.

Our core mission revolves around enhancing the safety and trustworthiness of blockchain protocols and smart contracts for users. The development of decentralized systems introduces novel challenges not encountered in traditional development and investment practices.

We are currently constructing a blockchain simulation and testing platform that leverages battle-tested methodologies from other industries to replicate interactions within crypto networks. Simulation offers transparency and substantially lowers the cost of experimentation, enabling teams to swiftly conceptualize, launch, and expand new decentralized systems.


  1. Conduct extensive quantitative research by employing a diverse array of methods and advanced data analytics tools to create statistical models and enhance strategies.
  2. Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to comprehend their data requisites, ensure data integrity, and deliver analytical support.
  3. Develop predictive models and machine learning algorithms, interpreting their results and furnishing actionable insights to business stakeholders.
  4. Present research findings and data insights to non-technical stakeholders in a clear, succinct, and comprehensible manner.
  5. Keep abreast of the latest industry trends, technologies, and methodologies in the realm of quantitative research and data analysis.
  6. Contribute to the design and implementation of novel data models and algorithms, thereby enhancing the overall efficacy of our quantitative research endeavors.


  1. Substantial experience in quantitative research or a related field, with a preference for experience within the Financial Services industry, and ideally in quantitative trading.
  2. Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, R, SQL, or Matlab.
  3. Exceptional grasp of statistical modeling, machine learning algorithms, and data mining techniques.
  4. Robust problem-solving abilities, complemented by meticulous attention to detail and a genuine passion for extracting insights from data.
  5. Outstanding verbal and written communication skills to effectively convey findings and insights to team members and stakeholders.
  6. Capability to work autonomously and as part of a team, adeptly manage multiple projects, and meet deadlines.
  7. Strong communication skills and the capacity to collaborate effectively in a distributed team environment.

Benefits and Advantages:

  1. Remote-first policy – the flexibility to work from any location within the US and Canada.
  2. Periodic in-person company retreats and the option for cross-country “office visits.”
  3. Full coverage of medical, dental, and vision insurance premiums for employees.
  4. Provision of essential work equipment including a laptop, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
  5. A $1,000 stipend to support your work-from-home setup.
  6. Monthly reimbursement for home internet, phone, and cellular data expenses.
  7. Unlimited vacation days.
  8. Generous 100% paid parental leave lasting 12 weeks.
  9. Fertility benefits.
  10. Potential for incentive-based compensation.


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