US Appeals Court Finalizes Forfeiture of Silk Road Bitcoins Totaling 70,000 BTC’s

US Appeals Court Finalizes Forfeiture of Silk Road Bitcoins

In a recent development, a US appeals court has officially confirmed the forfeiture of Silk Road Bitcoin which amounts to a total of 69,370 bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies tied to the infamous Silk Road dark web marketplace. The court mandate solidifies the initial judgment made in August, with the US government gaining control of the digital assets previously held by ‘Individual X,’ who allegedly hacked into Silk Road.

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The forfeiture process, completed this week, highlights the government’s authority over the seized cryptocurrency linked to the now-defunct dark web marketplace. Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht, currently serving a life sentence, was listed as a defendant in the court document, along with two claimants.


Ulbricht, who managed the illicit online marketplace from 2011 to 2013, facilitated the trade of drugs and weapons before the FBI shut it down in 2013. In 2022, Ulbricht agreed to allocate $3 billion worth of stolen Bitcoin to settle debts with the US government, forfeiting the rights to 69,470 Bitcoins in the process.


Recent movements in a wallet containing 69,369 bitcoins, untouched since 2015, have raised questions about whether the US government will hold or sell the cryptocurrency. Throughout the year, the government has been selling recovered bitcoins from Silk Road, but with the Bitcoin price surging in 2023, holding onto the assets might be considered.

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Analysts, optimistic about the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF and the Bitcoin halving in 2024, are already setting high price targets for BTC, potentially influencing the government’s decision on whether to hold or sell the seized bitcoins.” The decision of the US government in handling the recovered Bitcoin will give us a glimpse of the future potential and prospects of the Alpha Coin. 


As Hodling the recovered BTC would mean the US government already recognize the immense potential available in the digital currency space and is in support of its growth, while a complete selloff might immediately drive the general price of the Bitcoin and crypto market down and also serve as an indicator of the position of the US government in the digital currency space. However as usual we all keep our fingers crossed.


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